Advent Tea Calendar 2021 Edition

This year’s Advent Calendar is now available, and features 17 new teas!

Count down to Christmas day or simply enjoy 25 delicious and festive teas. Includes 25 hand-made tea bags crafted from our exquisite Loose Leaf Tea collection. Be sure to order yours now so you can enjoy your first tea on December 1st. Makes the perfect holiday gift!


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Advent Poster 2021 (1)

1. Fall Pumpkin Black
2. Blueberry Bliss Herbal Tea
3. Fermosa Oolong
4. Fall Fig Green Tea
5. Spiced Nut Chai Black Tea
6. Midnight Blue Herbal Tea
7. Flower Blossom Green Tea
8. The Royal Tea White Tea
9. Chocolate Raspberry Black Tea
10. Date, Fig & Plum Herbal Tea
11. Gooseberry Green Tea
12. Sugar Plum Fairy Black Tea
13. Seaside Herbal Tea
14. Pink Grapefruit Green Tea
15. Persian Bazaar Black Tea
16. Apple Ginger Rosemary Herbal Tea
17. Tangerine Green Tea
18. Baklava Black Tea
19. Maple Herbal Tea
20. Kashmiri Green Chai Green Tea
21. Rice Pudding Oolong Tea
22. Almond Sugar Cookie Black Tea
23. Thin Mint Rooibos Tea
24. Celtic Cream Green Tea
25. Winter Wonderland Rooibos Tea