Our story In our tea journey

Our History


Established in March of 2009 (Making Tea Since 2009) (or some other cool and trendy way to say established) Originally a German tea chain, TeaTime has since transformed into an independently owned tea boutique. TeaTime is a charming Old Town gem that maintains a sense of tradition through its ceremonial German Tea Wall but still manages to keep a fresh and modern take on tea.

Here at TeaTime, we make it our mission to turn tea into a Lifestyle through creating a Tea Culture that appreciates the science and art of tea while exploring and expanding the traditional use and meaning of tea within American society. TeaTime is loved and trusted for our reliable knowledge and expertise TeaTime aims to inspire a creative and innovative Tea Lifestyle.

Since opening its doors in 2009, TeaTime has grown to be much more than a tea purveyor. We have since expanded our services to include tea education classes, tea reservations, and private events. You may also come in and simply enjoy a cup of any tea in our collection. TeaTime’s Tea Collection features nearly 100 teas including varieties from all over the world and of all different flavors. Our favorite part of our collection is our section of Hand-Crafted blends, made by us, and only available here at TeaTime.